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Management and Accounting

Property Experience:

  • OMG has managed a wide range of properties.  Including: 

        Apartments, 4-Plexes, Duplexes & Single Family Homes

          Home Owners Associations

          Commercial Condominium Associations

          Office Buildings both Low & High Rise


          Light Industrial

          R & D Buildings 

Property Management:

  •  OMG handles the day to day property management.  
    OMG handles all tenant issues, leasing responsibilities and after hours requirements.  OMG will visit your property weekly at a minimum.  With new properties or properties that require special attention, you can expect daily visits.  OMG provides 24 hour emergency support for all tenants, on-site employees and property owners.

  • OMG determines rent levels.
    OMG will closely monitor existing rental market conditions to be used in setting rent levels for both new & existing tenants.  Rent surveys from surrounding properties will be conducted on a regular basis.

  • OMG sets screening requirements for new tenants. 
    OMG, with approval of the property owner and abiding by all current laws, will set new tenant screening parameters.  All prospective tenants, at a minimum, will have their credit report reviewed, a recommendation from their past landlord secured and have their employment status verified. 

  • OMG strictly controls the rent payment procedure.
    This procedure includes rent collection, service of 3-Day Notices, collection of late fees and filing unlawful detainer actions.  OMG will represent property owners in all court proceedings as the owner's agent.  An attorney will be retained when necessary at the expense of the property owner.
  • OMG approves all property expenditures.
    OMG will inspect all maintenance issues and review contracts with outside vendors on behalf of property owners as necessary.  OMG will supervise landscapers, janitorial providers, pool maintenance, lot sweepers, garbage haulers, tow services and all other required service providers. 

  • OMG will hire, supervise and train all on-site personnel. 
    All on-site personnel are employees of OMG, thus eliminating the property owner of the responsibility of IRS and EDD filings, worker's compensation insurance, health insurance and additional employer burdens.  Any cost attributable to on-site employees is an expense of the property owner and shall be paid out of the operating account as a reimbursement to OMG.

  • OMG will assist on-site personnel with the enforcement of building rules and tenant relations. 
    OMG will be available to all tenants when dealing with on-site personnel is not appropriate.  

Accounting Procedures:

  • OMG utilizes the Skyline Property Management software program.

  • An annual budget will be prepared.
    The budget will include projected income, operating expenses, debt service and capital expenditures.  It may be necessary to retain expert help in the preparation of reserve studies for capital improvements such as plumbing, electrical, roofs, paint, parking surfaces, swimming pool, exterior building finish and other sizable expenditures.  The cost of such experts shall be the responsibility of the property owner.

  • All property funds are deposited into separate and specific bank accounts for each individual property. 
    A reserve account will be set up when required.  The property owner will supply the appropriate tax ID or social security number for all bank accounts.  The designated property owner, as well as Ken Orvick, will be signers on all accounts.

  • A computerized detailed collection and delinquency report is generated several times a month for tracking purposes.

  • All invoices are approved and processed for payment by OMG. 
    Checks are generated, reviewed, signed and mailed by our accounting department.  All paid invoices are filed and kept with OMG.  Invoices are the property of the owner and are turned over by request or at the end of the management relationship.  Checks generated by OMG for the property are signed by Ken Orvick.

  • Computerized and detailed expense reports are generated.

  • At month end, books are closed and posted.  Bank accounts are reconciled.  Operating Statements are produced.
    Operating statements and balance sheets are produced.  The operating statement, balance sheet, banking statements and the general ledger are provided to the property owner.  Monthly reporting will be prepared and distributed no later than the 15th day of the following month.

  • A year or fiscal end statement will be prepared. 
    OMG will cooperate with the property owner's accountant with income tax preparation.  When required, OMG will cooperate with any audit.  OMG is always available for any reasonable accounting inspection or review by the property owner at any time.


Call us at (408) 943-1400 in San Jose, California, for more details.